Thanks for the read! Good stuff.

I want to quickly comment on this: "Nextdoor now has sites in 330,000 communities, reaching 53 million people. By contrast, the collective audience — print and digital — of all American newspapers is 24.3 million on weekdays."

Half of the collective community on Nextdoor is gossipy crap and of little value. Some of it is downright mean. Unfortunately the bad actors highjack many Nextdoor communities and it's just not worth it. Lots of people don't go there precisely because of this.

So, in my mind, the real numbers (true interaction) are now equal in weight and the value in American newspapers FAR outweigh Nextdoor's value.

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nice coverage of a very cool adventure,

dbrrr... 👌🏻

giving thanks for the perspectives.

i am happy to hear that "nextdoor"

isn't the product it promotes itself to be.

i found it to be a detriment to the community of palm springs, ca.

thanks again... happy trails. 🪷

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Dec 6, 2023·edited Dec 6, 2023Liked by David Burn

1. I am absolutely loving William Low's work.

2. That fact about Nextdoor and American newspapers is 🤯

3. I assume y'all have visited Storm King Art Center in New Windsor, NY at some point; I have not, but it's been on my list for years.

Thank you for your always informative heart-filled & succinct writings.

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