Let's Get Together and Fix What's Broken

Do you know the Bob Dylan song, “Everything Is Broken”? Let’s give it a listen before we contemplate.

Dylan often expresses what we’re feeling. He wrote “Everything Is Broken,” many years ago; nevertheless, it’s a timeless song with poignant meaning today.

As I write this, we’re on our fourth day of no water flowing from the taps in our home.

[UPDATE 2/21/21: City water is now flowing from our taps (at half pressure) and it must be boiled before drinking.]

We are among the fortunate. Many Texans also endured no heat and no power for most of the week. To say things are a mess inside the Lone Star State at the moment would be a monumental understatement. From a public health and safety perspective, everything is broken.

Map of the Damage

Austin, TX is a city of one million people and a metro of two million. A large part of the city is without water at this moment.

Even though the snow and ice have come and gone, our systems have yet to recover.

Turnaround Time

Have Texans had enough of one-party rule? The last time that a Democrat was elected governor in Texas was 1990. In 2022, we, the People of the Lone Star State, can change that score.

Who could become governor? My shortlist: Beto O’Rourke, Julian Castro, Cecile Richards, or Matthew McConaughey.

‘Climate Change’ Needs A Rebrand

The phrase “climate change” needs help. It’s too open-ended. Change can be positive. Change can be good. Yet, there’s nothing positive or good about climate-driven disasters.

The current phrasing of this real-life crisis is soft and abstract. Why don’t we call it what it is? Deadly human folly. Earthen self-defense. Our species’ defining moment.


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  3. Mr. Tesla, Elon Musk, recently said this about Austin: "It's going to be the biggest boomtown that America has seen in 50 years, at least—megaboom." He said this before the electric grid shut down and the water ran out.

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