All of Writing Is A Huge Lake

“All of writing is a huge lake. There are great rivers that feed the lake, like Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky, and there are trickles, like Jean Rhys…. I don’t matter. The lake matters. You must keep feeding the lake.” –Jean Rhys

Jean Rhys knew what great writers know. You show up and make your best effort day after day. This is writing and it is other creative work, as well, including commercially creative work like the making of advertising.

When you’re dedicated to making art or artful commerce, you don’t wait for lightning to strike—you are lightning.

April Is Poetry Month

Poetry is meaning condensed and as a literary form, highly underrated.

If you’d like to celebrate or indulge in poetry this April, I invite you to download and read this new poem that I wrote: “Between Tears”. It rhymes.

Ad Legends, The Webinar

I am remaking the Ad Legends Workshop, which I delivered in person at the end of 2019 into a Webinar. Jason Walton in Portland is now supplying me with fresh artwork. More news on this in future editions of this newsletter.


  1. Bonehook recently created a new brand identity for rainwater harvesting company, Blue Green Water & Land of Dripping Springs, TX.

  2. I appreciate what Bill Kolb, the chief executive of McCann Worldgroup, has to say about creating agency culture. He says it’s a shared duty with clients.

  3. South by Southwest has a new non-local co-owner. Penske Media Corp., which publishes magazines like Rolling Stone and Variety, will own a 50% stake in the festival.

  4. In the ancient Mississippian settlement of Cahokia, vast social events – not trade or the economy – were the founding principle.

  5. Perfection on the softball mound has been achieved in Denton, TX.

Let’s Work

To connect with people in today’s marketplace, you can’t just state your offer. Instead, you want to cast a spell. My company helps you do that.

Thanks for being here now.